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Woman’s Remedy therapeutic herbs Tea

  • Woman’s Remedy therapeutic herbs Tea
  • Woman’s Remedy therapeutic herbs Tea

This Strong and effective super herbal tonic Marinated for a minimum of 7 weeks Is a hand selected formulation of herbs that are ancient yeah so needed in this day and time Well women are suffering extreme discomfort The remedy comes in concentrated version so that you may simple mix with water Boil and freshly brew then strain this therapeutic remedy We suggest drinking for ounces in the morning on an empty stomach for ounces at night before bed and 4 ounces mid day if you need it with extreme symptoms It May help alleviate heavy Menstrual bleeding, blood clots painful menstrual periods ,mood swings Premenopausal and menopause symptoms-while Nourishing and strengthening Directly through the bloodstream the Herbs rejuvenate A woman’s Entire Reproductive system Restores energy and balance the tea is safe for girls as young as 13 and women of all ages-
do not use if you are Pregnant-breast-feeding Or think you may be pregnant .
Select the ultra formula if you were having trouble with heavy bleeding and or a period Lasting more than seven days